Walkera Peri 4K Drone Sample

  • $449.00

Walkera Peri featured at CES 2018. Design with one thing in mind, compact, a variety of sensors and chips are integrated into one motherboard which reduces the body size and weight. This optical flow enabled 175 size quadcopter, about the size of my palm, includes a 3 axis gimbal with a 4K camera.  A flight navigation system composed of GPS/GLONASS dual-mode satellite navigating, optical flow positioning and Infrared Red height sensing modules to achieve precise and flexible flight navigation.  Aerial panorama, Peri's panorama mode can help you become a master in aerial photography.  Tap to complete automatic shoot and stitch a aerial panoramic photo without complex editing.  You can use bind it with a smart phone or fly it with the Devo F8. The Bind-N-Fly uses your personal smart phone/tablet devices.  No restrictions, all fly zones.

Size: 175
Sensors: optical flow, GPS
Camera: 4K 30fps
Gimbal: 3-axis
Dual control mode : BNF with phone control or Devo F8
Range: 1km
Flight time: 15mins

Restock sample: March 2018, we will be back with more!

Package: BNF. Use your own smart devices.  Comes in four colors: Misano Red, Samoyed Yellow, Hainan Blue, Foil Silver

Walkera Peri

Release date April 2018

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